Caldera, part 3

This is the final post showing off the beautiful work of the kids of Caldera, Bolt's featured organization for the month of February.  The first and second posts went up on the 10th and the 14th.  Take a look and marvel at their creativity and skill.  This Saturday, the 27th, all fabric rolled on tall tubes will be 25% off (this includes Liberty of London, knits, wools, coated cottons, some sweater knits and linens, heavy weight canvases, coated cotton and oilcloth).  At the end of the day, 10% of the total sales will be donated to Caldera.  Help us make that a very generous donation.

Caldera's Youth Program provides underserved Oregon children with year-round, long-term mentoring through arts and nature projects, beginning at age eleven and continuing through young adulthood. 
Caldera's adult program offers month-long residencies to professional artists: the gift of time & creative workspace at our blue lake facility in the Oregon cascade mountains.

Woods alive 

The words printed on the Woods Alive quilt all came from our kids and staff…our personal mantras.


III. Woods alive without end: the work

It's not a coincidence that my work, and the many changes that are whirling around me are all commingled into a similar message.

This particular quilt "woods alive without end" is about the work.

It follows on the footprint of the dream (The Dreamtree),

 and intention (Tree of Intention).

The work is the next step in the progression of realizing equanimity.

The work our kids must do to realize their best selves,

and their best lives.

This is a solitary path, not interpersonal…

thus the singular dance of the one tree…

filled with growth, and inspiration and darkness,

and flight and all things that make us who we are.

Spirited, dimensional, affected by the wind.

a small part of us dying each winter,

and celebrating new growth each spring.

It can be a tough cycle of seasons,

but the one true thing that stands constant are

the great possibilities in our reach

Words can be a powerful force within us, or empty vessels.

These words  imprinted on the quilt

represent Caldera’s community life force.

Our truth.

Our wonder.

susan fischer



Close up woods alive

Woods alive closeup: their words