Fresh Start for the New Year

by Shelly.

This year I decided not to make a New Year Resolution.

I decided just to get things done without the pressure of disappointing myself.  I have been busy with creating patterns, teaching and raising two boys that many things have been neglected.  First on the list was my ironing board cover.   When I browse my favorite blogs or visit home photos of my favorite fabric designer the embarrassment of neglect is heavy on my shoulders. I took my weekly trip to Bolt and viewed so many gorgeous new home décor prints that I was instantly inspired to get to it!

So here it is, my poor cover:  

I know, pathetic but my excuse is the thousands of hours I spend pressing and pressing and pressing.

So let’s get to it:  Ironing Board Makeover

Supplies:  Home Décor Weight Fabric (my new favorite at the shop), Quilt Batting, Coordinating Thread, Marker, 4 yards of ¼ “ elastic or 4 yards of draw string and a ruler.

* Measure your ironing board to estimate the amount of fabric/batting you’ll need.  For the average size you’ll need 2 yards.

1.  Lay your quilt batting flat on a clean floor and then lay your ironing board right on top.  Draw an outline of the board directly onto the batting.  

2.  Cut your batting and lay it on top of your ironing board.  You want to make sure it sits nicely on your board and if you notice that it’s drooping over the edges then trim off the excess. 


3.  Lay the batting directly onto the wrong side of your new fabulous fabric.  Mark a 2.5” boarder around the batting and cut your fabric using your pinking shears.  If you don’t own a pair you can finish the edges by using a zig zag stitch.  I used a serger that my lovely mother has allowed me to borrow (nice mom).  

4.  Create a hem by turning the fabric ½” and press flat.

5.  Sew around the pressed edges but leave a 1” opening.  You just created a casing, good job!

6.  Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic or string and feed it through your casing.

7.  If using a drawstring place the cover over the board and batting and pull until tight.  Tie a bow.

8.  If using elastic take the two ends of elastic laying ½” on top of ½” and stitch together.  Place over the batting and board.  

You’re Finished!  I can’t believe I put this off for a year and it only took me 30 minutes.

I’ve decided to make a second one for a backup!