Japanese imports

by Gina.

Fabric 2.3.10 006

There are just so many great new prints from Kokka, our much loved Japanese fabric supplier, that I just don't know where to start.  I couldn't dare pass up the awesome orange and purple streetcar print for a city like Portland.  There are a few different transportation oriented heavier weight prints--trucks, tugboats and bikes.  There are also a few kids' stories prints including the Wizard of Oz print above and the most subdue, sweet, curious Alice in Wonderland print on double gauze.  That one didn't make it into the photos, along with a few other really fantastic new double gauze prints...I have to keep you wondering about something, right?  

Fabric 2.3.10 008
And, from Japanese designer Etsuko Furaya, of Echino--more wildlife floating among trees and shrubbery.  Pretty cool.  Great colors and images.  A couple of bird prints in the group, one going from selvage to selvage, perfect for a short dress, or cut it in half and have two different images for your project.  Clever.  The photo's sort of weird as it was taken horizontally and then rotated.  You get the idea though.

Fabric 2.3.10 011

A box from Kona Bay was opened up last night too, with a great koi / wave two-tone and a couple of bold, Asian panel prints.  The other box was filled with more copies of Stitch!  Yay.  If you didn't have a chance to pick one up last time, now's your opportunity.  It's a great magazine full of great projects.  Some even by a few of our local favorite gals.

Fabric 2.3.10 003 
Finally, last week we received a couple of gorgeous silks.  They were hiding a bit, wrapped inside out on bolts.  They were re-rolled onto tubes, right side out, so they can lure you in with all their glory.  I don't order much in the way of slippery silks, but I just couldn't pass them up.  So rich and lovely.

Fabric 2.3.10 005

Don't forget, the class list is on the website, and when you see the "previous" button, click on it to see the rest of the list.  Hope to see you soon!




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