by Lupine.


Wow. Just a quick morning visit to a couple of my favorite blogs and this is what I see. A knock-off of the best possible sort, and inspired from the newly anticipated Built By Wendy dress book (expected to arrive at Bolt with in the month). As if I needed another reason to put that book on my list. Leave it to Amy and her green silk number.

And a real body in the Jalie jeans pattern that I have been eying. I have issues with jeans myself, but really who doesn't. I have often thought I should just make my own.


And with the approval of the Selfish Seamstress, now I just may do it. Bolt is the home of many exciting and hidden treasures, denim being one of things that lurks in a bin all rolled up in plain sight. Or, waiting quietly down in the corner on a bottom shelf minding its own business. Like many fabrics at Bolt, the selection is not huge, but it is all so good, that there is no need to weed out the unsavory options. 


And that Jalie pattern is there, I can hear it calling my name just now. Pattern Review has some good things to say about it, and well, so does Ms. Selfish herself.