So many new things around here

by Gina.

There are so many new things happening around here I almost don't know where to start.  Almost.  First, I want to make an introduction.  You may have noticed a new voice here at Bolt Neighborhood--Melissa.  Melissa has taken on the blog-over-seer position and I am SO delighted to have her here.  She created her fantastic blog, All Buttoned Up, years ago and continues to share, inspire, and amuse at that address.  She has been a supporter of Bolt from its beginning, even stepping in to help put away fabric during the crazy busy times of our sales.  I am so grateful to have her in the community and look forward to the many things we will learn from her experience and creativity.  Thank you Melissa and welcome!

Miscellany 072

I've been away from the store quite a bit the last couple of weeks and so was glad to have the day in there recently to aquaint myself with all the latest arrivals.  One group being those above--Timber--modern, botanical prints, in cool blues and greens, and warm ornages and browns.  Sweet trees with birds and geometric gingko leaves.

Miscellany 074 
Adorable hedgehogs and lovebirds from the experts of cute at Michael Miller.

Miscellany 073 

And more whimsy fromTina Givens.  Chandeliers and peacocks.

We have a new organization of the month for March--Community Warehouse.  We will have more about them soon.  The sale this month to benefit them will be held Saturday, March 20th.  Mark your calendars!  All cutting tools will be 25% off.  This includes all scissors, pinking shears, rotary cutters, replacement blades, cutting mats, blade sharpeners and rulers.  If you've been wanting to get yourself outfitted with all these tools, or need to replace that worn out mat, or stock up on replacement blades, that's the day to do so.  Ten percent of the day's total sales will be donated to Community Warehouse.  And thank you for the fantastic turn out for last month's donation sale!

We will have a new class list sometime soon, I'm not entirely sure when.  Bolt will continue to offer some classes, even with Modern Domestic up and running.  The two businesses are separate entities, that will work collaboratively and support each other.  Bolt will hold classes as long as it seems like we are filling a need.  You will probably not see as full a list from us at Bolt as Modern Domestic will be providing a full, wide-ranging list.  Modern Domestic is a beautiful facility and they will be offering so many more classes, both time-wise and topic-wise, than Bolt ever could.  It is a wonderful and very welcome addition to the sewing community!