Weekend Project: St. Patrick's Posy

by Melissa

I was leafing through this month's issue of Martha Stewart, where they were rehashing an old paper bloom project to make dogwood festooned branches.  Papercrafting is lovely, but I've got fabric and son who is stoked to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this week (something about gold and pinching? I don't know.).  Four Leaf Clovers it is. 

What you'll need:

  • Fabric scraps

  • Fusible web-- something like Steam a Seam, Wonder Under, or what I used-- Heat'n Bond (it's nice and weighty)

  • Clover template-- Fold a 3 or 4' square piece of paper into fourths and cut a way the corners into a heart shape.  Unfold and flatten.

  • Florist wire or pipe cleaner

  • Scissors and an Iron


1.  Fuse coordinating or contrasting fabrics together and trace clover shape onto one side.
2.  Cut out
3.  Fold cut shape into fourths and press with iron (this gives the flower some shape)
4.  Make two holes near the center of your clovers using a large pin or awl
5.  Thread one length of florists wire or pipe cleaner through each hole, twisting together on the other side to make a stem


You might try making your clovers different sizes, or twisting them together to add to a headband or as sweet corsage or broach.  I'm going to try and wear one in a way that will avoid a certain 5 year-olds pinches on Wednesday.