Heartfelt Thanks.

by Gina.  

Thank you so much to all of you who came out for the sale.  It was a great success.  And, we've got some room for new things!  I took this picture in part for one of my sisters.  After one of our big sales, I was telling her all about it and she asked me if we had anything left on our shelves to sell.  That image has stuck with me since, and continues to make me giggle a little.  So, yes, we still have things on our shelves--the rest of the store is full--but you all did manage to clear out a few cabinets.  Nice job.

We were busy Monday putting the store back together and getting the new things out from the back, labeled and ready for Tuesday.  We've got sweet new prints from Moda, more shot cottons, because we just can't seem to get enough, and later in the week we'll start bringing out gorgeous hand-loomed, vintage silk saris from India.  You'll be able to read up more on those lovelies soon.  The remnant bin(s) will be overflowing in the next few days as well.  Friday's sales were great and we'll be able to make a generous donation to Sisters of the Road.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Modern Domestic had a lovely write up over at Neighborhood Notes.  Take a peek and read up on all sorts of great sewing things going on in this fair city of ours.

See you soon.