Weekend Inspiration: Nautical Burda

by Melissa

This year's Burda Style (specifically the February Issue) is full of patterns I love.  Maybe because I'm a child of the Benetton era?  Or because I used to plaster my room in old Ralph Lauren ads and dream longingly of a preppy wonderland of stripes and effortless yacht wear?  Possibly. 

I'm making that shirt on the right. I can take or leave the dude.  He's not even wearing anything I feel like sewing, anyway.  

I'm pretty sure I could never pull off that skirt.  That thought, however, will probably not stop me from trying.  

Yes and Yes.  (Both of these patterns are in the plus category and come in sizes 44-52.)

These kids coats are really good-- I'm all over that boys jacket in the top left corner. 

For a full list of patterns in this issue, you can check this list.  To see which back issues, (including Special and Plus magazines) we carry, please feel free to check out or call the store.  Each magazine comes with full pull out pattern sheets that include thorough instructions and tips-- all for less than 10 dollars!  This leaves money left over for some great fabric.  So happens, we have some of that too...

Stripes never disappoint (100% cotton jersey), and I love the simple off white soy/cotton/bamboo blend in the middle.  In an alternate universe (where children were not wiping their noses on me all day) I would grab that navy and white silk in a heartbeat.