Useful scraps

by Gina.

Coasters 003 
Really pretty much all scraps are useful in their own special way, right?  I spent Saturday evening sewing my little heart out down at Modern Domestic and I had such a great time.  It was a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with at least one of the machines there.  I was there during the Modern Quilt Guild's special sewing night.  There were people trying out a walking foot to do free motion quilting, trying out the different machines and getting used to the space age, awesome irons.  It was a fun evening filled with creativity. 

On to the project at hand.  Coasters.  I arrived knowing I would be rummaging through the scrap bins at MD to fashion some coasters for the store.  It was so much fun to figure out what to put together.  They're sort of like itty bitty quilts, so I got to play around with quilting different designs without having to worry about mucking up a project in which I was highly invested. 

There was a stack of approximately 5" square pieces of batting to use and then just scraps of all shapes and sizes.  They are all a little wonky and no two are the same size.  I started to think we may need a stack of misshapen coasters at home...I even geeked out and named them all.

Coasters 002

I will admit it is not that commonplace for me to sit and sew these days.  I do enjoy it and even more so in an environment that is social and all these fantastic tools are right at my fingertips.  It made it so much more enjoyable than trying to get in a bit of sewing on the dining room table and be sure to pack everything away before my two year old shows up in the morning looking for sharp objects. 

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