Mini Quilts and New Embroidery Patterns


By Melissa

I wanted to highlight two new items floating around the store these days:  Whip Up Mini Quilts and new patterns by Sew Lovely Embroidery

You are probably familiar with Whip Up and all they do for information sharing and the online craft community.  At the helm since the beginning, has been Kathreen Ricketson, author of the new book Whip Up Mini Quilts: Patterns and How-To for More Than 20 Contemporary Small Quilts.  The book includes a full section on basic quilting techniques/supplies, diagrams and photos of finished quilts from a pile of contributors (many of which you know), and a pattern envelope. 

For many, this is going to be an inspirational read or a kick-in-the-pants to get up and make something quilt-like.  There are a few patterns I especially like, and they fall one right after the other.  The first is from Alexandra Rasmussen.  I watched her piece together a full-sized Liberty Leaf quilt on her blog Moonstitches (her flickr set pretty much sums up the awesome-ness) the last few years, and was so happy to see her mini quilt as a part of the cover!  I think it's a great example of a contemporary pattern that has timeless appeal-- even though it looked like "her" pattern, I feel like it could be mine, too.

The second is by Meg Spaeth and is totally modern and wonderful-- power lines!  Yes, please.  They are a totally different style, and maybe more specific in terms of appeal, but that makes me love them more. 


The Sew Lovely iron on embroidery patterns are here.  They're huge and super detailed-- perfect for summer take-along sewing.  Most of the sheets are at least 18" by 24" and you can check out sweet, finished projects on their blog.  If you're looking for more embroidery patterns, the store also carries Tigerpup (just got in their new vintage goldfish!) and  Sublime Stitching.