Weekend Project: Scandinavian Crafting



By Melissa

If today is any indication (48 degrees and rain) I'll be spending a little more time indoors than I had anticipated this weekend.  My parents are coming which means I probably won't be able to lock myself up with my sewing machine, so I need to busy myself with some handwork!  And feeding my dad. 

I've started to cut out felt for the Applique Bird Pillow in Scandinavian Needlecraft.  I'm using cream, plum, deep green and cherry red wool felt that I picked up at Bolt.  We carry wool/rayon blend felt in sheets (18 by 22) and by the yard, as well as smaller sheets of craft/acrylic felt (really though-- nothing beats the softness and durability of the wool for projects like this).  I'm going to use a combo of slip stitching and blanket stitching for the main pieces, and then (as suggested in the book) use my machine to zigzag some of the layered pieces on top. 

Stop by the store this weekend if you get a chance.  There's a bunch of new lines in from Moda and Free Spirit (pictures coming next week), plus the new summer issue of Fiber Arts is here!