New prints, Art Hop and more

by Gina.

New fabric 002 

A great new Echino line arrived last week.  I love it!  Cameras, eyeglasses and transportation.  A must see.  

The details for this month's organization of the month sale: prepare for summer with 20% off oilcloth (picnic mats), fat quarters (napkins), apron patterns, dish towels and towel yardage, and kitchen project books.  How fun.  (Thanks April!)  It will be Sunday, May 23rd, 11-4 pm. 

Art Hop is a wonderful time to enjoy and celebrate all Alberta Street has to offer!  With the street lined with vendors of all sorts, so many fabulous shops and eateries, and lots of live music  This year's Art Hop theme is Art Builds Community.  Murals will be the highlight of the day.