Weekend Inspiration: Bolt's Flickr Group

Do you have something you've made or bought from Bolt that you'd like to share?  Join our Flickr Group.  You'll find pics of new inventory, the shop, but most importantly, pictures from our customers! 

I really like Melissa's version of Anna Maria Horner's Evening Empire Dress out of navy and white silk.   It's the perfect length for a summer going-to-wedding or party dress.  


Obvious adorable pointsKaren and Shelley's kiddos.  The dress is made from Kaffe's shot cotton (the store has a great range right now) using a pattern from a Japanese craft book.  It appears we're also getting a sneak peak at a potential new pattern from Figgy's .  

You'll also find a whole bunch of Colette patterns made up, some sweet quilts, and loads of cute kids. 

*(Are you confused about sewing from Japanese patterns?  Crafting Japanese is an excellent place to start.  You might also inquire about Daniela Caine's class at Modern Domestic.)