Weekend Project: 20 Minute Pillow

By Melissa

This project might also go by the name: Tiny Squares of Awesome.  It's brought to you by the lovely Elizabeth (instructions here), a pile of 2" squares and a yard of Pellon Fusible Woven Interfacing.  My distaste for interfacing of all kinds is curbed slightly with the woven variety, considering how lightweight and non-crunchy it is.  I was totally sold on this project after Blair's version, and even though this colour scheme isn't so much *me*, I'm digging it.  It's that great mix of strawberry-summer-come-and-get-it classic palette. 

Simple patchwork like this is my summer fix.  I've been drawn to classic florals lately, especially Liberty Art Fabrics from Westminster which mix the sweetness up a little with bold colour schemes-- check out some of them next time your in the store.  They are going to be perfect for hiding berry stains and ketchup smears on our next picnic blanket.