Cheerful Prints


Since you're probably staying indoors a little more than you anticipated 'round these parts, you might be interested in some new quilt weight prints.  Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun for Kaufman is in and it's moving pretty quickly.  These two leaf prints are instant favourites (also from Kaufman) from the Nutmeg line.  We also got a couple of bolts from the brand new Metro Cafe by Louis Cunningham.

The store has also stocked four prints from the beautiful (not to mention ORGANIC) company Birch Fabrics.  Be still my woodland heart:


We have a post in the works dedicated to all our organics.  Also, check in soon for the discount code for a special sale event happening the weekend of June 18th.  Don't worry if you're not local-- there are Craft Parties to celebrate Etsy happening all over the country and world (!).