daisy janie

We have small but growing collection of organic textiles right now-- due to the small (but growing!) producers of beautiful organic cottons.  When we say organic, it means that the lines have all been GOTS approved-- additionally, individual companies often go beyond these standards.  It's a little more expensive, but the lack certain dyes and chemicals may actually prolong the life of your project, not to mention, that you can feel the quality just by handling the fabric. 

The Geo Grand line (above) of quilt weight cotton from Daisy Janie is just in and just as gorgeous in person as it promised to be online.  This is the first collection available wholesale from Daisy Janie and its Owner/Designer Jan DiCintio. 


Cloud9 Fabric is working on their fourth collection due out this fall!  We have the fabrics from the first two lines (the third, a flannel, won't be out until later this summer) of quilt weight cotton: Beyond the Sea and My Happy Garden. 

birch fabric

Circa 50 from Birch Fabrics mixes Eames era architecture and furniture, woodland creatures and motor vehicles and is the third line from this California company.  There whites are exceptionally white, which is amazing considering the low-impact, non-chlorine bleaching used. 

oasis canvas

The Oasis Organic Cotton Canvas from Marcus is the most versatile of all our organics.  Paired with a new line of quilt weight organic solids from Kaufman, you're able to complete a project start to finish using earth friendly materials.  If you check through the bins of rolls you'll also run across organic blends of jersey, hemp, cotton and bamboo, plus bags of organic cotton stuffing for your next cuddly project.