A Skirt You Have Time For

Quick Skirt
Quick Skirt in Reverse!

Gina was at an event the other day wearing a breezy, summer skirt.  I came home and copied her immediately.  I used a modified version of Amy's Tutorial for a 5 Minute Skirt.  Or what I affectionately term, Amy's Genius Manifests Itself Again Skirt. 

It is basically two pieces, cut on the bias and sewn together.  The waist is put together with Fold Over Elastic (FOE) and the bottom was serged with a rolled hem.  The big changes were these: instead of adding 3" to my waist measurements I only added 1 1/2".  Since the skirt is cut on the bias, it's going to be stretchy and fit over your parts.  Also, depending on what type of FOE one uses (I used velvet, ooooh fancy), there will be varying degrees of stretch left after it's sewn on.  I don't want the waistband being too stretchy as to stretch down and fall off my backside.  

Sewing on FOE

The second change is something Gina had cleverly done, and that was to line the skirt to make it reversible!  To do this, cut two more panels, identical in size (you can shorten them slightly if you want the underskirt to poke out) and sew them together.  Make sure that you use french (enclosed) seams on the longer of the two skirts if you're wanting to go that direction.  Then baste them WRONG  SIDE TOGETHER at the waist before attaching your FOE.  This project took slightly less than 2 yards of Kaffe Fasset Shot, 2 yards of lightweight woven from my stash and 1 yard of FOE (you may need more or less depending on your waist measurements).  This is a perfect project for Carolina Chambray and one of the printed voiles we have in the store.  OR, you could wait a day or two and get your hands on the new Alexander Henry Lawn when it comes in later this week. 

Amy (of course) has a handy PDF in case you're wanting to file this idea away for a lazy day.