Turning Tool! Raglan Ts! Sale Patterns!

Here's a  quick rundown of new items you might see if you were to stop into the store this week:

When Laura Gunn was demonstrating her applique at MD, she used a super handy turning tool.  We now have the Turn-it-All in stock!   It makes quick work of turning straps and other tiny bits-- MD has a how-to using a similar brand. 

The new patterns from Patterns by Figgy's are here-- including one for this sweet raglan T and dress.  Most of these patterns are sized from infant to size 7.  In some cases they are sized up to 14 (coming soon on this one)!  That's great news for those of us facing down the tween years wondering how we're going to keep our kids in age appropriate handmade clothes that they will actually want to wear.   

10 (or so) prints from Tina Givens new line, Opal Owl are just in as well.

The pattern bins are getting cleared out in preparation for new lines-- check out the 40% off pattern bins for some great deals.