Weekend Project: Camera Strap

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-- Melissa

Camera straps!  I have a few cameras and too few good looking camera straps.  There are easy ways to modify a camera strap: attach a wide woven ribbon with fusible interfacing, make a patchwork or fabric slipcover, or start from scratch and build your own.

There some basic components to a ordinary camera strap-- skinny nylon webbing, matching slides to keep the webbing in place, and leather or vinyl scraps.  The easiest way to build your own strap is to pick apart one you already own.  That's what I did.  If you need to find new pieces, you may be able to upcycle something you already have.  I would look through old backpack straps, dog collars or purse attachments.  Most fabric stores (including bolt) carry leather/vinyl patches.  Here's a fantastic how-to for building your own.

In my case, I just unpicked the stitches from the leather at the end of my Canon camera strap and slipped a length of Bolt's new webbing in its place.  Use a leather or other heavy duty needle (topstitch or denim) and polyester thread to sew through all the layers, using the old holes as a guide.  Move slowly! 

I love this new webbing-- all the text is in Italian!  Originally, I thought belts, but it's only printed on one side.  So camera strap (or hot handles for a tote or boho bag) it is.