Weekend Project: Liquid Stitch

Liquid Stitch Patch Attaching
Liquid Stitch


I am getting my six year-old ready for first grade (in truth, I am getting myself ready for first grade).  He is ready and fully buying into the school-clothes-backpack-new-pencils preparation that is going on around us.  Thankfully, he has not decided that he needs all new things and so we've set about making his old stuff better-- you know, more first grade

Bolt stocks a nice supply of craft supplies for all your no-sew projects, and we are making good use of Liquid Stitch for all our backpack patch attaching needs.  I have long looked for glue that will hold fabric to fabric-- this stuff seems like a good fit for small home dec repairs, shoe issues (I just reinforced some stitching by squirting some glue into a part of my canvas shoes), or patch attachment, when hand or machine sewing would be difficult.  It goes on white and dries clear with a consistency a bit thicker than Elmer's.  We used bull clips to clamp it in place while it dried (which takes a while and then longer to cure), and so far so good!

He insisted on attaching an Elvis' Taking Care of Business in a Flash patch that he found in a box.  His Grandpa would be so proud.  The squirrel playing drums is a Ferdinand product and one of my favourites.    The glue is all mine-- I'm adding a bottle of it to my In Case of Craft Emergency bin.