More From Art on Alberta

Each month, Bolt highlights a different community organization and donates 10% of one days sales (this month it's tomorrow-- August 28th) to support their work.  This is part two (part one is here)

Art on Alberta contributes to public art offerings on NE Alberta Street

This past May (2010), Art
on Alberta's
annual Art Hop focused around the theme ABC: Art
Builds Community. 
A connected community project provided the
backdrop to contribute to and engage our neighborhood in the creation of more
works for our public, permanent art display. During the event, murals were
painted by volunteers, youth groups, neighbors, business owners, and event

Project leaders/muralists Rodolfo
Serna and Esteban Camacho designed and then led volunteer artists throughout
the day in painting four murals that have been added to our neighborhood’s
permanent art collection.
were painted by attending youth
and volunteer mentors under the direction of Skidmore Prize winner Serna. A
fourth mural was painted by the attending public, designed and supervised by
Camacho. Art on Alberta facilitated these murals projects to be presented as
gifts to three nonprofits who serve our neighborhood: Community Energy
Project, House of Umoja, and Sabin CDC.