New This Week: Getting Ready for Fall



The new Stitch Magazine is here!  I am quite biased (because there are a few projects from my people in here), but I think it's a really good issue.  There are some great gift ideas, including a garment bag/travel accessories project, some beautiful home dec pieces and even a wood hauling bag.  The garments are great too-- with several geared towards the men and boys in your life. 

Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt is in and just in time for the *weather*.  The book includes full patterns for a basic skirt, tunic/dress, and coat.  It then details 6 variations on each pattern and steps to find your perfect fit.  The patterns are each graded into 7 sizes from XXS to XXL and the focus of the book is building on basic skills to master clothes that look great on you!  I think the real standouts here are some of the coat options-- and just in time, because we got in some lovely new wool that is would work perfect for fall and winter. 

Erin McMorris Flannel!
Moda Flannel

Flannel season is here-- well, almost here.  Erin McMorris is just out with an entire line of Flannel and we have it.  I have my money on the large scale houses as favourites, but maybe because I have a house full of boys?  We also have in four new prints from Moda which I like for me and less for the boys, so they will probably win. Quilt backs, pajama bottoms, and robe patterns and calling my name.  

Check out the Neighborhood Notes article on Supportland featuring our own Gina!  Have you picked up your card yet?