Organization of the Month: Children's Healing Art Project



are proud to bring you the Children's Healing Art Project as the  
Organization of the Month for September.  A portion of all sales on
Sunday, September 26th will be donated in support of their mission. 
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Our Mission:


190 Children’s Healing Art
Project, CHAP, brings the healing power of art to children and their families
in crisis. Our mobile team of teaching artists create art opportunities where
each child can be seen for their artistic talents rather than for their
disease, diagnosis or disability.  
CHAP works with more than 10,000 children a year in and out of our
partner hospitals in Portland Oregon, and at the CHAP Art Factory.  CHAP offers one of the only in-and-out-of-the-hospital
continuing arts education programs in the nation.


CHAP art classes are all
based on choice.  We offer children
in the hospitals, and their families, art opportunities that allow then to find
their own personal narrative through the choices found in CHAP’s wide variety
of art materials and teaching artists. 
CHAP understands that the simple act of choice can be a powerful tool in
working with children to create a bridge between their world and ours. We help
guide each child to express themselves in ways that are true to their creative
spirit rather than teaching in the traditional sense of the word, CHAP helps
facilitate energy to come out rather than giving the child more information to
process.  Making art with a child
in crisis can open the door to the exploration of their own creative process.
This simple fact is the corner stone of all CHAP action and thought….to work
with a child rather than for the child.

CHAP teaching artists are trained to step into the
world of the children we serve in ways that encourage, engage and inspire them
to express their inner narrative. 
Children’s art often contradicts their physical and medical realities
and illustrates their inner joy, humanity and hope. A child with a serious diagnosis,
long term healthcare needs, or a perceived disability whether it be blindness
or being born without arms often become CHAP’s greatest teachers. These
children are heroes to other children as they share their unique creative
spirit in ways that adults often miss due to our limited understanding of the
creative process, they remind us of what we have forgotten about our own
creative possibilities and our innate human potential that can be found in the
common language of making art.  

The CHAP Art Factory:

To bring the healing power
of art to children in crisis is a noble cause, but to bring what we have learned
from the children we serve back into our community is revolutionary.  We offer the lessons we have learned
from the children in the hospitals to the public through the creation of a
retail art making life-changing experience known as CHAP Art Factory.  CHAP Art Factory is home to Art Club
where we address what is known as the second phase of healing, when a patient
is healthy enough to go home to their families.  

I Am Done
The most joyous of all
CHAP art events is our ‘I AM DONE’ party
We invite the children to the Art Factory after their last chemo
treatment and ask them to bring their family, friends, supporters, nurses and
doctors to celebrate ‘I AM DONE.’ 
We stencil T-shirts for everyone, make a lot of art and take off our shoes
and socks, step in trays of paint and jump up and down on a mattress while
screaming at the top of our lungs. 
This party always ends with the parents holding hands and jumping face
to face as they scream in joy and relief. 
We love our ‘I AM DONE’ parties.

CHAP offers hospice art, where we work
with children in their final days. CHAP also creates art projects for the
families of the children who have passed by translating the children’s art into
floral sculptures and buttons for their funeral services.  CHAP Art Factory is always free to the
children and families we serve, and we offer the same art opportunities, $5 per
hour, and guided classes, $10 per hour, to the general public.  




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