Quilt Patterns: Making My List

(My Proverbial Quilt)


I am trying to nail down a few new quilt patterns to try this year.  While I love the freedom of free form piecing, I love the challenge of putting together something that someone else has designed.  I recently finished up the Proverbial Quilt, which I had quilted by Gayle Karol of Tillie Studio (you can read the wrap up post here).  And while I snuck in a couple of simple throw sized quilts for holiday giving, I am once again itching for something to really dig into.  I thought I had enough of the letters, but guess what? 

New at the store is Tula Pink's Modern Alphabet.  This is some fairly straight-forward piecing that yields stunning results and would give me room to play with all kinds of prints.

Ditto with this Rubans Pour les Cheveux quilt (designed by Quilt Dad and available as a free download from Free Spirit) using the Tula's Parisville line.  All of a sudden I'm totally down with lilac and mauve. This is going on my list.  We still have most of Parisville in stock-- this is a gorgeous line, so check it out soon for the best variety.  Make sure to look through all of our quilt patterns as well.  We have several from Tula Pink and lots from other designers you admire at 20% off right now.  Plus, the store just finished a complete inventory and everything is freshly organized! 


I'm going to throw something minimal on my list-- probably the Tempest pattern from Cherry House Quilts.  And I have not forgotten about both of the Material Obsession books.  Now that I'm not completely overwhelmed by the options, I think I have it narrowed down to one or two (or four).  These books are 20% off right now too, by the way. 

What's on your list this year?