Weekend Project: The Negroni Shirt


There has been much buzz about Colette's new pattern for men-- the Negroni.  I picked one up at the 20% off sale at the store (now through January 16th) along with some brown gingham shirting.  I'm planning a short sleeve version (to start).

Could I suggest some other options, if you're thinking about it?  I think it would work great in some of the shot cottons.  I realize I keep bringing them up, but I'm all right with that.  I also picked out this pile of other apparel weight cottons (above).  They are from various manufacturers and as usual, I'm a sucker for gingham and plaids.  

These three cotton shirting bolts are all brand new from Andover.  If you don't see them right away, make sure and ask.  I really like that middle one-- tiny black skeleton keys on white.  Of course, it's still cold here and will be for quite some time.  We have a nice selection of wool and flannel for a sturdier, long-sleeved version fit for the weather. 

Sarai has published free downloadable pocket variations and check out these samples from Melissa and Melissa

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