Fabric Printing and The Printed Pattern


I've always had a love for printing and dyeing fabric, the design and art of it all. I have a modest background in hot and cold process vat dyeing from college and took one class over in the art department in screen printing. I'm always attracted to books on printmaking especially ones designed for novices that sometimes want to get their hands a little dirty, like myself. I spotted The Printed Pattern by Rebecca and Yvonne Drury on the shelf the other day and I immediately wanted to devour the whole thing and start printing!

The Printed Pattern

This easily accessible book begins by talking supplies and inspiration, the backbone of design and execution. Alot of the basics you probably already have--newspaper, aprons, scissors, masking tape. Ink designed for fabric is imperative. You don't have to thin these Jacquard inks with water and you could easily mix colors to create the shade you're looking for.

Jacquard textile inks

Techniques are broken down by type--Relief, Stencil, and Screen printing. I love screen printing but it typically involves a lot of supplies I don't have. But relief and stencil can be as easy as potatoes and freezer paper.

potato printing


The organic shapes in their designs are available in the back of the book if you have your heart set on particular motif. Otherwise, let the beautiful Oregonian fall provide inspiration to decorate clothing, home dec projects, bags and more.

printing accessories

printing shades

Stay tuned for more of my adventures in fabric printing. I think this would be a great way to embellish for the upcoming holiday season and all the crafting that will be happening--napkins, placemats, gift tags, wrapping and more.

printing ribbon and tags