Ribbon belts



Floral belt--side view

With a simple fun-colored buckle and beautiful ribbon you can craft this belt!

Lucite Buckles

Measure an existing belt to get the right length and be sure to add for overlap at the buckle and end. I layered them wrong sides together and simply topstitched them together, pivoting at corners and including the ends that have been turned under. You could use fusible web to join the two lengths before stitching as a precaution, if you'd like. 

finishing ends

Once you have joined the two layers, slip one end through the buckle and back onto itself and stitch. You'll have to extend past the buckle enough to actually sew it on your machine.

attaching to buckle

We've got so many great ribbons in stock! You could layer them as well, using a solid grosgrain and a pretty embroidered ribbon. The buckles come in different colors too so have fun playing.

Fun with ribbon and buckles

We've also got a variety of buckles in stock. Pick your style!

Metal BucklesPlastic Buckles

Consider fabric that's been interfaced, ribbon, & faux leather.

O-ring Buckles