What's New: Echo by Lotta Jansdotter


I actually did a little jig when I found out this line had arrived.  I have been so excited to see this.  In part because I love Lotta's aesthetic, and in part because I ordered the line complete.  I have not ordered a full line in a long time.  I love, love, love seeing what designers have intentioned for their work.  It's like downloading music, it gives you the option of picking and chosing which songs you want off an album.  When you purchase just one song, or a few from an album I feel like you miss out on what the whole picture was that the musicians painted for us.  On very rare occasion do I purchase only select songs, but more often than not, I order only bits and pieces of fabric lines, pieces that I think are the strongest, most interesting and will be the most appealing to all of you.  This group however, was all so lovely and easy to say yes to.  I hope you enjoy it as well!

 Whats new 11.9.11 001
Other new arrivals include the lastest issue of Stitch Magazine--all sorts of great gift ideas, many projects revisited from past issues, so if you missed out on something, here's another chance.

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