January 2011 Burda Style


The January Burda Style is here. There are a few misses (yet again, they refuse to let go of the harem/sarouel pants, with not one but three questionable versions) but there are some really beautiful pieces this time around, and the number of patterns vs the price makes it a very worthwhile purchase. 

The first layout showcases 40s inspired dresses, blouses and skirts.  The dresses are near perfect, with fluttery sleeve and shirtwaist options.  If you love Colette Patterns, you'll love these looks.  I can't help imagining how great these pieces would look in some of the new voile and silk.

It's followed by a story on Navy Blue (some great coats/blazers I wouldn't mind trying), a jersey spread (warning: Flashdance), and a rustic inspired wardrobe with an open front coat I'd like to curl up in. I am, however, confused at what she's carrying while wearing that coat.

The plus fashion story is another standout-- 10 office appropriate pieces in flattering silhouettes.  The clothes are classic but not stuffy (at all).

And the big surprise?  10+ child-sized costumes, including an octopus, superman and furry hooded coveralls that my children are especially fond of. 

Burda Style is based in Denmark and published in several languages, including English.  It contains full sheet pattern pull outs that you need to transfer to tracing paper, making sure to add your own seam and hem allowances.  Each pattern contains detailed instructions, a rating system that goes from quick and easy to challenging, and individual size ranges.  The American version of their website (with individual, downloadable patterns) is here.