Weekend Project: Belle Skirt (and Tote)

Belle Skirt


It is pouring rain here today, which means it's a perfect day to get cozy with the sewing machine and scheme up some Spring apparel. April just did that on our retreat to Astoria. In just a few hours she cut and sewed her version of the Belle Skirt from Favorite Things. This is a great project for those of you still gaining confidence in sewing for yourself-- there are no zippers or buttons and the style is flattering for loads of body types. It's a great pattern for using some of the gorgeous, floral, quilt weight cottons we are getting in.

Belle Skirt Detail

A couple of tips:

*When deciding on your size, pay attention to whether a pattern is listing "finished measurements" (like the Proper Attire Skirt) or if it is listing "body measurements". In this case, you're looking for body measurements. This is a skirt that sits low. Don't be tempted to measure around where you want it to sit for your waist. Your "waist" measurement is always going to be around the bottom of your rib cage-- typically the smallest part of your torso. The hip measurement should be taken around the fullest part of your hips.

*If you are smaller in stature, you might consider decreasing the width of the waistband instead of shortening the skirt during hemming. Measure the width of the waist band pattern piece (taking into account the channel for the elastic) and compare it where it will hit you above and below your hip. Taking 1-3" away in the width will result in a more flattering fit.

Market Bag from Paradiso Designs

This skirt along with a dual strap Market Bag from Paradiso Designs are some of the new samples we have on display at the shop!