The Candy Aisle


We stock all of our ribbon right up under the cutting table close to the register. Looking through those bins while your fabric is being cut, is a little like cruising the chocolate bars at the grocery store checkout: so tempting and so many to chose from! Thankfully, this an impulse buy that won't rot your teeth.

We just got a box of very reasonably priced grosgrain, perfect for ribbon belts and headbands (we've got your d-rings, too!).

These are some of my favourites. I love those folky flowers. They would look so sweet edging a chambray shirt or skirt. Ribbons are perfect for those of us who want to make our clothes unique without the time or know-how to sew our own.

There are dozens and dozens more to look through, including rick racks and pompom trims. We've also got a sale bin-- nice!