Spring Cleaning

once upon a time, ann helped me fold these (and much more)


My machine needs a good clean out. Does yours? Now through the end of May, Modern Domestic is offering 20 dollars off their Clean Oil and Adjust service for your machine. They are also offering 20% off all cleaning supplies (including needles!) during this time. Now, if you shopped at Bolt during our sale and can't spare your machine this month, you have a coupon on your receipt for the same 20 dollars off service and that one is good through the summer! This makes a great Mother's Day gift for yourself or a Mother in your life.

While your machine is being looked after, your fabric probably deserves a clean out as well. I try to do that every six months or so. Depending on how big your collection is, this can be a happy hour spent listening to The Splendid Table, or an all afternoon search and rescue mission. The most important thing I do is make sure to refold everything, switching up the crease lines. If I'm feeling especially ambitious, I'll run everything under a hot iron as well. In my case, I sort by fabric type, then colour. SInce I buy both quilt weight cottons and apparel weight cloth, I spend some time matching up new clothing patterns with their potential fabric mates or sorting quilt weights into smaller piles according to upcoming projects.

And happily, there's always a small pile of fabric on the side to donate or give to a friend. Of course, this frees up my shelves for some Spring Collecting.