Take an Extra Ten, Cheap Fleece, and New Things

We are throwing a Take an Extra 10% off already sale priced fabric, notions, and patterns party this coming Saturday and Sunday. We're throwing remnants into that pile as well. On top of that, we'll be marking all fleece down to 5 dollars a yard-- think camping/car blankets, kids ponchos and DIY Snuggies.

Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman

I did a little dance when I walked in and saw these brand new prints by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman.

Kaufman prints

Also from Kaufman: two prints from the Good Life Collection by Wooster and Prince Papers (bottom), two more prints from Josephine Kimberling, and Oranges from Monaluna.

Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts

If you're a local knitter, you might know the multi-talented Leah who works and blogs for our neighbors, Close Knit. She just finished up her take on the Oliver+S pattern, Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts. If you're wondering how this pattern will finish up in a larger child size (this one is a size 8), definitely give Leah's sample a look next time you're in the store. The top is an especially great transitional piece of clothing with a flexible fit. Thank you, Leah!