Fresh Pillows (Make Your Own Organic Bedding!)

Organic Bedding


I was able to work behind the counter during the sale weekend and it was really inspiring to learn what people were planning with their purchases. There were a good number of pillowcases on people's minds, which got me thinking about my own, neglected pillows and the organic, cotton sheeting from Robert Kaufman. In fact, this is a great project for all of our organics (many of which are on our sale rack, by the way). Our sheeting is 57" inches wide and comes in white and natural (on order and in soon). It's price point is very reasonable and while soft, it will soften further the more I wash it. With as little as 5/8 yard you can redress your pillow in a crisp, new case.


For this project, cut one length of sheeting 20" wide and two strips of printed fabric 20" by 9". Adjust these measurements to fit your own pillows. Mine are standard sized. I used a Dan Stiles print (from organic company Birch) for my print. Attach the print to the short ends of the sheeting, press the seam allowance towards the print, then fold the entire piece in half (short ends and right sides together) and stitch up both edges. This is a great time to practice french seams if you are so inclined.

Organic Cotton Pillow Cases

To hem your pillows, fold and press the raw edge of the case 1/4". Then, with wrong sides together, fold again halving your printed edge and bringing the edge of the fabric just to your previous stitching line. Pin and press. Topstitch close to your previous stitching line, making sure to sew through all the layers and to remove pins as you go.

For two pillowcases I needed 1 1/4 yard of sheeting and half a yard of print. I got enough for four, though, because I just couldn't resist the tree print, also from Birch.

Embroidered Pillow

Amy brought in the start of these super cool pillowcases that she's putting together using a classic notebook cover print for the main case and an embroidered edge piece for the hem. These make FANTASTIC gifts-- switch up the fabric and you have presents to cover birthday parties, wedding showers and hostess gifts.