True Cuts

(New apparel fabric-- cottons! There are so many breezy Spring and Summer prints out right now.)


Have you read the post on truing up that Kim put together? The comments and discussions within it are fascinating. To "true up" your fabric, means to square it to the grain. This is something you want to do after you've washed it and before you sit down to use it. It's often assumed that when a fabric store cuts fabric, that it's always exactly to the grain, but that is not always so! When we cut your fabric we do it one of two ways: cut it, or snip and rip. We always measure slightly more than you request to account for any cutting that happens off the grain. Often the apparel fabric is easier to cut and rip and the quilting fabric is easier to just cut. Unfortunately, lots of quilting fabric is printed off the grain, so try as we might, it's not always possible to get it perfectly straight.

Gina and I are heading to Quilt Market this weekend in Salt Lake City! Quilt Market is a to-the-trade show where companies and designers release their new fabric lines, patterns and notions. I'm going to try to do some real-time blogging, but if that doesn't work, next week I'll start rolling out sneak peeks of some of what you might be seeing in the shop this Spring and Summer.