Product of the Month! Solid Charm Packs

Charm Packs

We're going to run a regular feature of super handy, sometimes overlooked or just plain quirky products that we carry at Bolt. First up is April's pick: Kona Solid Charm Packs!

Charm packs are (generally) 5" square packs of fabric perfect for quilting and small craft projects. Often fabric manufacturers will build entire patterns around charm packs and their cousins-- jelly rolls, layer cakes, fat 1/8s, etc. They make building half square triangles a snap and can be sliced and diced quickly for coin quilts, square patchwork, and any number of traditional blocks. They are economical and cute (two big advantages in my book).

But there's more! Try some of these out for size:

Kid art-- set your small people up with a stack of squares (use masking tape to fasten them to your table and to tape off a seam allowance) and a bunch of fabric pens. You can sew up their finished product into a wall hanging or pillow. They would also make fantastic tiles for an on-the-go version of Memory.

Bunting-- I love any kind of bunting or party flags. Leave them square, cut them into a triangle or rectangle and enclose the edges in a length of folded bias tape with fabric glue or your sewing machine.

Community Giving-- Pass them out to crafty friends before a shower or party and ask them to come up with a sewn block or mini embroidery. Assemble them before hand (or at the party!) and you will give a memorable and meaningful gift.

Do you buy charm packs? What is your favourite thing to use them for?