Weekend Project: Madeline Mini Bloomers

Madeline Mini Bloomers


This little bit of warm weather we're having put me full in the mood for some summer sleep wear. We don't have AC in our house and I usually switch over to wearing old boxers by the 2nd or 3rd night of any serious heat wave. No more! I put together these sweet Madeline Mini Bloomers to wear if'n we get a real summer going around here. This is really just a one afternoon type project, especially if you go ahead and print out the free pattern from Colette ahead of time. It only takes one yard of fabric, several yards 1/4-3/8" elastic, and some ribbon. I picked a lightweight tiny gingham check, but for my next pair I'm going straight up voile or lawn. For example:

Cotton Lawn

I made one small modification that I think will be crucial to summer comfort: instead of threading the entire leg with ribbon that doesn't give, I sewed two lengths of ribbon to either end of a short piece of elastic and then threaded that through my channel. The elastic provides some give room and doesn't sacrifice any of the ruffle. There are loads of great pictures of finished bloomers in their flickr group. Meredith is going to be teaching a lickety-split one afternoon class on making these super cute bloomers down at MD next month. If you're at all nervous about sewing something like this for yourself, TAKE THIS CLASS. You won't be sorry.