Weekend Project: Chic Cowl Neck Shift

Indygo Junction Chic Cowl Neck Shift

This is one of the those pattern covers, where the styling could potentially be misleading. Their choice of bold prints might not be for everyone (but that's why we always check the line drawings, right?!). Thankfully it did not deter Hannah, and she sewed up a beautiful sample of Indygo Junction's Chic Cowl Neck Shift.

In this case, Free Spirit Voile was the perfect summer choice (we just got in more LouLouThi voile, pictured below). Watch out for the sizing, as the measurements on this pattern are quite generous. Hannah graded down the bodice after measuring herself against the pattern pieces-- something we recommend you do when deciding on which size to sew. Because the shaping is in the contour of the side seams, this is a fairly straight forward matter of redrawing the sides to suit your measurements.


Of course, the cowl collar and the drawstring are the real standouts and would look equally as lovely in lightweight denim, silk or wool-- perfect for fall and winter.

Indygo Junction Chic Cowl Neck Shift