Kitting Up

Sewing Kits

Twice in the last week I've been shopping for light bulbs or toilet paper or what-have-you and run across a parent shopping for their child's transition to a college dorm room or their own apartment. Their carts are piled with plastic bins, laundry detergent and throw pillows. How better to set someone up with independence than with their own sewing kit? We have some beautiful kits-- both for general sewing and for hand work. They are filled with high quality notions packaged in a sweet tin. These aren't little travel kits (although we carry those, too!), but well-rounded tool kits, great for taking on a road trip or seeing you through a sewing emergency.

Sewing Baskets

Want to build your own? Check out these fantastic, new sewing baskets. They are sturdy and cute, and come equipped with a pull out top tray. They make great gifts, but nobody is going to ask questions if you pick one up for yourself. They would make a fine replacement to my current shoe box set up.