Sweet Nothings Bloomers


What a great project! These came together so quickly and were just what I had hoped for. Easy to make, functional to wear, cute enough to be seen outdoors in (well, lounging in my backyard...outside). The flounce adds just enough detail to make them a step above the average bloomer.

up close 1

One thing that made a major difference in whipping these out was Swedish Tracing Paper. This isn't for transferring marks from your pattern but rather a type of pattern paper. It's durable, pinable, & SEWABLE. I typically transfer all of my patterns to the translucent swedish tracing paper first to maintain the integrity of my original pattern. But in this case I had to join two sides of pattern; it was not printed in one piece.

pattern piece-bloomers

Now I have one pattern piece. Easy to cut my first pair and easy to recreate since I know I'll make more. I always label my pattern pieces with the name of the pattern, my name, the size and the date.

swedish tracing paper

I did make one modification to the waist ties. Instead of using one long piece of ribbon, as suggested, I added ribbon to each end of a piece of elastic, the length of which was only slightly smaller than my waist. All you see on the outside is pretty pretty ribbon but get to enjoy the comfort and ease of elastic. I'll frequently do this for a casing application. (I've also been known to have it be entirely elastic with the ribbon tie sewn on top and be purely decorative. Shhh.)

waist ties for bloomers

Consider your seam finishes. I serged mine, and if you don't have one there are sergers available for open sewing at Modern Domestic. You could also just as easily use pinking shears or a pinking rotary blade. Or if you have not executed a french seam, this would be a great place to use this beautiful and professional-looking finish as these are fairly straight forward seams without too many pesky turns. 

on display

Last minute reminder--Don't forget the "take an extra 10%" off already reduced fabric is tomorrow and Sunday!