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Somehow it had slipped my mind that we had more beauties from Melody Miller's Ruby Star Spring still to come.  What a delightful surprise to open the package on Monday and see these two new prints (the two on the right).  We also received a couple more Echino prints (the two in the middle), two more Nani Iro double gauze pretties and two more prints from Heather Ross's Far Far Away 3.  The Ruby Star Spring, Echino and Far Far Away 3 are all on a gorgeous, light cotton/linen blend.  It makes them a wonderful weight for apparel, while still being hefty enough for craft and quilting projects...very versatile.  Meredith is teaching a class at Modern Domestic on the new Sew Liberated Carpet Bag and made up this amazing sample from one of the Ruby Star Spring prints.

Last week I mentioned how much I loved what was coming from Michael Miller Fabrics this season.  We just received a handful of prints from Sandi Henderson's latest, Secret Garden.  I am a sucker for large scale prints, and lately it seems, I'm a sucker for large scale, classic-y florals.  While I completely appreciate the beauty of quilts and other pieced projects that use fabric in smaller pieces, there's something to be said for seeing a print in all its glory, uncut, in one big piece.

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We are often asked for attractive iron on patches.  We have not been able to offer much beyond plain denim or colored twill, and the occassional image.  At a staff meeting last month, after April did a stellar presentation of the different bonding webs we carry, the gals got busy making up patch kits.  We are happy to now offer patches sold as singles or doubles, with a square of fabric and a square of bonding web.  Cut out the size and shape you need, iron it on and you've got yourself an attractive patch!

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