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Whats new 9.13.11 021 
Six years ago when I was purchasing the initial inventory for the store I brought my dear friend Renee with me to one of the fabric shows.  Renee was one of the many folks who lent a hand in one way or another in getting Bolt off the ground.  She helped me figure out how much I could fit in how much square footage, how many bolts fit on a bookcase, all sorts of important details.  Renee also played a very important role at that fabric show.  (And here's how this all ties in with what's new...)  You see, her favorite color is purple.  Mine are blue and green, and in the past I haven't been a huge lover of purple.  She balanced things out and encouraged a second look at many a purple print.  I've come around to really appreciate purples of many shades and was so excited to see this group in a box the other day.  I am loving the cool lavender, sky blue and raisin color combination.  It's from the Love Growsline by Sharon Holland for Fabri-Quilt.  If you're wanting to make up a quick hostess gift, this line would sew up beautifully into the Jamie Christina Cupcake Apron or Palooza Apron.

 Whats new 9.13.11 028
Another group we welcomed this past week is the new group from organic cotton manufacturers, Cloud 9 Fabrics, Across the Pond. It's another one of their "price sensitive" lines, making it much more comparable in price to the non-organic cotton prints.  And, yep, the fourth print from the bottom is of herons.  Love!

A little teaser--I got word that our order from Kowa (really great Japanese prints) from Spring Quilt Market, as well as new goodies from Moda and Art Gallery arrived Tuesday afternoon.  I'm sure I'll be posting pics next Wednesday if you're reading from afar.