My simple pencil skirt


I love it when you see a piece of fabric and are so inspired to immediately make something. And it comes together so quickly (sewing took place in less than an hour) and easily and is exactly what you wanted. It doesn't always work the way we want it to (oh boy, do I know THAT) but yesterday it did. My simple pencil skirt, aka the Naughty Secretary Skirt from the book Sew Everything Workshop, aka Perfect Pencil Skirt taught at MD by Ms Erica Horton.

Sew Everything Workshop

I know, I know, black was not one of my Fall Palette Challenge colors. But who can argue with a remnant score and black skirt. Right? It'll go with everything!! (Including my striped Boatneck Tee from Sew U: Home Stretch.)

Naughty Secretary Skirt

Never install an invisible zipper without an invisible zipper foot. It's exactly why such things were created. They're so easy; they actually make sewing zippers delightful. One could make an argument that sewing invisible zippers is easier than coil zippers. But only with the foot. See how there is a channel? It allows the needle to fall in just the right spot to actually keep the zipper invisible.

invisible zipper foot

Consider hem lace for your skirt finish. This pretty detail will hide your raw edge and extend your hem allowance. Match your fashion fabric for a polished look or be bold and choose an accent or highlight color.

hem lace

I tried a blind hem stitch on my machine but it kept bunching the lace so I switched to a simple straight stitch. Because of the texture of the fabric, you don't really see it anyway.

hem finish

And the waist is finished with one of our printed pre-made bias tapes. This simple solution eliminates the need for a waistband and keeps the top line of the skirt flat and attractive.

bias binding waist

I'm loving it so much you might just catch me in my simple pencil skirt tomorrow!