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Xmas 061
We’re back!  Holiday down time has been enjoyed, inventory has been counted and we’re ready for a new year.  We received some great new pieces on tubes right before we closed up a couple weeks ago.  Generally the pieces on tubes are end runs from designers.  These tend to be more apparel appropriate fabrics.  They’re really fun for me to pick out for a couple of reasons.  The first being that I have no idea at all what I’ll be shown when I meet with my reps and I can imagine these pieces made up into a wider variety of things than the quilting weight cotton prints.  The black and cream piece above I envisioned as a vintage Vogue pattern of some sort, maybe a 1940s era design, with simple lines, or maybe the Colette Peony dress or a simple pencil skirt….so many options!


Xmas 062
A few more interesting pieces—a cream, soft wool with these mauve flowers every so often.  I love the combination of a wool with tropical looking flowers.  The piece next to it is a two-faced denim and golden velveteen.  Oh my.  Really, who doesn’t want some of that in their life?  We just may be seeing a sample whipped up with this soon…stay tuned!  We have a number of lovely wools still in stock, many of which would stitch up beautifully into a cozy hooded scarf.  Remember that fantastic project?


We’re excited for this coming year.  We have some new things planned and we’re bringing back some other things—like the Organization of the Month program.  I’ll be posting soon about January’s organization and how you can help us support them.  Happy New Year to you all!