A cape for all seasons

by Gina

For a little while now, we’ve had some shiny silver and shiny white fabric.  It was originally designed to be jacket lining I believe.  I see it more as the perfect cape fabric.  A while back I made this for my son.  It was great fun to make, thinking through the design and whipping it up.  I simply cut out the shape, hemmed it and attached snap tape at the neck, elastic bands at the wrists and a “super T” emblem on the back.  Voila!

I apologize for the low quality pic—my son is not a fan of having his picture taken, so I had to work with whatever I could get while he was spinning around…

Originally, I put just one elastic wrist band, thinking he’d want his other arm free to swing sabres or something like that.  At his request, a second band was added later.  It makes it more like bat wings now.

Making his emblem was my favorite part of the project.  I found some scrap fabric for the star and used our extra wide twill tape for the T for a little different texture, but fabric would be great for it too.

There’s more of the shiny fabric left and it’s even marked down.  Time for some cape creating!