Ruby Star Wrap-Along

—By Heather

Welcome to the Bolt stop on the Ruby Star Wrap-Along tour! This book, Ruby Star Wrapping, by Melody Miller and Alison Tannery is full of fun ideas for gift wrapping that can be re-used. Essentially, it’s wrapping a gift in a gift. Brilliant!

Some of you may relate to this: I am always grabbing a bottle of wine as a last-minute hostess gift. While this a fine offering, I often present it feeling a little uncreative and slightly apologetic for the lack of thought that went into it. The Perfect Wine Wrap solves this problem for you! It’s a wrap and a tea-towel in one!

These two Perfect Wine Wraps are made with Robert Kaufman’s Essex linen blend on the inside and these beautiful linen dots on the outside. I changed the wrapping technique a bit at the end. Instead of tying a second ribbon around the excess fabric at the bottom of the bottle (picture a piece of wrapped candy), I simply folded the tea-towel up around the bottom of the bottle like a cuff, tucking over the corner to make it secure. I like it better if the bottle can stand, rather than lie on it’s side (and potentially roll off my host’s counter and break). Either way, you’ll end up with a very cute finished product and sweet looking gift that your host can enjoy using long after the bottle has been emptied.

This project comes together very quickly so you can make up a nice stash of them to have at the ready any time you’re heading out the door with a bottle of wine or bubbly for your hosts—or stopping at the store on your way for said bottle. Wink. With lots of holiday parties on the calendar, the timing of this project is just right.

You can see other projects from this book in the Ruby Star wrap-along Flickr pool.