Stitching Green: Zakka Style project

by Hannah

As part of our blog evolution, we’re introducting a new group of posts titled Stitching Green.  Every month we’ll share ideas on doing more with less, using every little bit of fabric, thread, anything we can think of.

I had the pleasure of meeting Melody Miller last year. She came into Bolt, wearing a beautiful skirt that I, of course, complimented her on. “Thank you, it’s from my new line”, she said. Curious I asked, “Oh how pretty, and who are you?” She introduced herself, we chatted some more about fabric, and she allowed us to snap her photo. 

I was excited to see her ribbon project in Rashida Coleman-Hale’s new Zakka Style! I am a fan of doing a lot with a little when sewing and this project is right in line with my sewing morals. It’s always a creative challenge for me to see how much I can do with every little scrap. The book contains 24 projects by 24 different designers. Maybe you’ll find a designer you’re fond of as well.

Keep an eye out for Rashida Coleman-Hale’s new washy tape fabric we’re expecting soon! And Melody’s Miller’s new line as well—-typewriters! Yes!

(FTC disclaimer: We did not receive a free book or any other rewards for writing about this book.)