I *felt* this was the best way to say I love you

by Hannah

I’ve been wanting to make my own envelopes for quite some time now. I have no idea why I’ve had such an urge for such a little project but I just did. I found Valentine’s day the perfect opportunity. These Valentine’s day notes are fun for adults and children. I understand that my snail looks more like a whale so I think I’ll try the bear next with maybe some message like, “I bearly know you and I love you.” or “I love you so much, I can hardly bear it.”

You’ll need:
*¼ yard of felt or a couple 12”x18” sheets or more depending on how many you’re making
fabric scissors
tailor’s chalk or ball point pen
*Fabricmate fabric markers
butter knife
cookie cutters or any shape you want to trace
Liquid Stitch 
*envelope or my template

1. Use the butter knife to carefully undo the glue that is holding the envelope together OR cut out the template. 
2. Trace the opened envelope shape onto the felt. 
3. Use Liquid Stitch  to glue your felt envelope into an envelope. You’ll glue exactly where you opened the paper envelope. Don’t glue too much or press it or it will go through the envelope and you won’t be able to put anything in it. 
4. Now trace your critter or shape of choice and cut it out. 
5. Cut out a few triangles of muslin for your message and dab the three corners with Liquid Stitch. Place them as shown. 
6. Allow everything to dry. I gave it 1½ -2 hours
6. Write a love note with fabric markers, kiss it and make some more. 

You can cut out a few squares of muslin and Liquid Stitch them to the front of the envelope, this way you can label them if you’re making them for an entire classroom or big group.

*These are best because they won’t bleed and kids can decorate how they want.
*I always choose wool/rayon felt because of the quality and we have it by the yard.

Download Envelope template