Just in: organics and African imports

by Gina

I’ve been looking forward to this box for a while now and I was not disappointed when I opened it up yesterday.  The new prints from Birch Fabrics, one of our favorite suppliers of organic cotton prints, are crisp, fresh, easy colors and patterns to like and use.  I’m really enjoying the color combination in the multi block print on top.  This company provides high quality cotton, with a soft hand.  These prints are certified organic cotton printed with environmentally friendly dyes.  Over the years we’ve heard many requests for organic cotton and other environmentally friendly fabrics.  This is one company among a handful of ones we carry who provide just that.  I recommend you give these a look.  In the box was also a catalog of their future prints…I will say I’m super excited to get a slew of those new prints ordered!

Another group of new lovelies through the door are imported from Africa.  The picture doesn’t do them justice.  I’m really excited to provide something different and look forward to bringing more in.  Just ask us when you’re in next.  We’d love to show them off!