Bolt News: more options by the yard

by Gina

We recently updated the text on our website.  On our About page, we now have a bit on our approach to making environmentally sustainable choices.  One way we do our part is by trying to provide as much as possible by the yard, down to an eight of a yard, instead of packaged.  This cuts back both on packaging and on wasted product that you don’t end up using.  You can purchase just the amount you need.  In an effort to continue down that path, we’ve just brought in more simple elastics in a great variety of colors (there are more than what’s in the picture), and seam binding.  With this addition, we will start to phase out the packaged seam binding.  Please remember that we’re always happy to order things special for you, so if you need that same color of piping, seam binding, bias tape as came in the package you purchased a while back, we’ll do our best to get it for you.  Just let us know what you’re looking for!